Where do you start looking for a job? Technology has massively transformed every single aspect of our lives. Just like all other industries, it has also changed the way people used to search for jobs and apply for them. It’s clearly not easy going hunting for jobs in this competitive economy. The challenges that await job-seekers can often be unprecedented. The Habesha Web helps its users in this regard in such a way that it provides the latest jobs on its Jobs Portal for unemployed as well as already employed job-seeking candidates using the platform.

The Habesha Web provides a job-search portal for its users where potential job-seeking candidates can view the latest jobs listed on the page and apply for them by giving all the required details about their work preferences and experience. It doesn’t matter what educational background you belong to or what kind of work experience you have. We always have something for you on our online job-search portal! To visit our current job listings, click here. If you need someone from our team to look for a job for you, feel free to get in touch with us. We will respond back within 3 days.

Why use Habesha Web for seeking jobs?

Spending time writing and polishing resumes and then applying for every job you find with that resume individually does not seem to work well in the modern corporate environment. We understand this and provide our users with an interactive job portal where they can network with employers and recruiters and win prospective jobs.

We aim to help those people who are new to the US and can’t speak the English language properly due to which they face trouble looking for jobs. They can use the website in Amharic language and even get in touch with us over a phone call.
Individuals from all streams of work can use our job portal to look for jobs. The filtered job search allows them to search for positions specific to their skill set and experience. So, no matter who you are and what skills you have, we will always have something that best fits your talents.

You can also submit your information to the Habesha Web through a phone call if you don’t feel comfortable with the online form. Experts at our website will then find a job most suited for you and get back to you within three days.

How to use the job portal?

The Habesha Web operates on the primary aim of connecting talented individuals with the best job openings near them. Our team continually looks to shorten the gap between the employers and the potential employees by connecting the right person with the right job. While people already aware of online job-search platforms might not need any help using our portal, we have provided some tips for users new to online job postings which will help them use this platform and get the most out of it.

  • To look for already posted jobs, visit the Jobs page on our website.
  • After you are done looking for jobs and have shortlisted one or two most relevant ones to which you want to apply, provide all the required information and apply for the job.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with the online experience, you can call us to submit a job-search request with all the details.
  • Our team will get back to you within a maximum of three working days.
  • Make sure all the information you provide for the job application is authentic and up-to-date.
  • Fraudulent and unauthentic applications can lead to penalty and possible legal action.

Job sites now are oversaturated making it difficult to find what you are specifically looking for. We have the answer to that!

If you are looking for a job, feel free to see the available jobs. If you need someone from our team to look for you, get in touch with us. Thanks

August 6, 2020 2:36 am